Authentic British Suppliers

At UK Craft House, it is important to supply authentically hand-made products for our customers in Taiwan.
The good old days of quality and craftsmanship are important to customers who are on the go and busy with their goals in life.
Here are our specially selected suppliers from Great Britain and extra insights into their inner-workings.


About Zatchels:
Zatchels is a modern British accessories brand founded on years of experience as a traditional leather goods manufacturer that has a handwriting which offers fun, colour and the latest fashion styling in equal measure.

Having started in 2011 with the classic satchel that Zatchels helped to reboot for the 21st century, the brand has quickly grown to become an essential ‘go-to’ company for on trend leather bags and accessories that are available in a myriad of colours and finishes.

Zatchels currently has a strong international balance of own retail, wholesale and online sales with impressive plans for future growth that will firmly position them as a must-have leather accessories brand for mens, womens and kids of all ages.

Boasting a stockist list that spans Japan, Philippines, Australia, Singapore, USA, China, Canada, Russia and Europe and regular features in the likes of Grazia, Company, Cosmopolitan, Instyle, as well as being worn by celebrities such as Jessie J, Alex Jones, McFly and Eliza Doolittle.




About Scaramanga:

Scaramanga was founded in June 2006 by Carl Morenikeji when he discoverd an old iconic vintage leather satchel whilst travelling in India in 1998. Inspired by the style and quality, he sought out artisans who would use the same traditional methods and tools to recreate modern leather satchels. At the same time he started sourcing vintage furniture and so Scaramanga became what it is today; a lifestyle brand handcrafting classic leather bags and supplying unique vintage furniture. Although only a small team, Scaramanga currently have two large warehouses in Fife for stock and have a high street presence at our store in Cupar, which you are welcome to visit at any time. Although only a small team we are all passionate about our products and were delighted to receive the Retail Business of the Year award.

Most of Scaramanga’s satchels and other leather bags are made by a family run business established 75 years ago. Our traditional leather satchels are still made the same way a leather bag would have been made 80 years ago in Britain. The high quality vegetable tanned leather is hand cut from patterns and expertly pieced together by experienced leather-workers using traditional tools and techniques without a hint of modern machinery or hi tech finishing to create a beautiful leather satchel. Our leather bags, furniture and other products are all fairly sourced, directly from unique and traditional craft-based families and small enterprises.

Scaramanga believes that the quality that makes Scaramanga a little different is that Carl still hand selects each piece of furniture that Scaramanga sells. He travels to different parts of the world to source interiors and furniture and always brings back some real treasures. Each piece is old, but it was built to last with the amazing craftsmanship of eras past. Scaramanga really appreciate that, and it seems that you, our customers, do too.



About Original Satchel Store:

Each satchel is crafted by hand. Each one is unique, no two satchels are ever the same, each one is a work of art and they love creating them.

Their leather craftsmen and women set to work making your satchel and they aim to have it on its way to you as quickly as we possibly can.

Before it leaves their crafting workshop, every satchel is hand checked. The overall look is assessed, every inch of stitching is reviewed, the buckles and straps are tested. Only when they are completely satisfied that your satchel is as good as they can possibly make it.

Their satchels are made to last for years, even with regular use. But just to give you extra peace of mind, each one comes with a twelve month guarantee. If anything unforeseen does happen, simply return it to them and they will repair or replace it completely free of charge.

They are proud to say that their satchels are lovingly made in England and always will be.

Retro in style and vintage in character their hand-made, all British satchels are crafted by skilled leather artisans who still work with traditional craft tools deep in the heart of the English countryside. No computers, no automation, no assembly-line. Just hand and eye co-ordination, traditional techniques, a love for leather and an instinct for knowing when a leather bag is ‘just perfect.’