FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

 -Why shouldn’t I just buy from England?

There are numerous costs and time issues when ordering from overseas, especially from a country as far away as England. There is the waiting time involved, as hand-crafted bags require between 10-21 days to manufacture. Next, the delivery cost could be high with a longer waiting time for shipping. Finally consider the hidden tax costs when getting imports from other countries. Here at UK Craft House, we seek to eliminate all these nuisances and give you your dream bag.


-How long will shipping take?

Stocked products: It would take between Standard 2-3 days.

-What’s the difference between your stock and stock in the UK?

As a British business based in Taiwan, we aim to bring high quality products at a convenience to customers where they do not need to wait for long lead times for these products. We stock hand-made products to deliver quickly and cost effectively to our local customers.

All products are expertly hand-made with care and precision in England, which they need time to be made and then shipped to Taiwan. If you require a product which has not yet been stocked, you can make an individual order (special order), where a reasonable lead time is required in order to deliver your product to your doorstep safely and effectively.

-I saw a product from one of the supplier’s websites, I am interested in it, however I don’t want to pay the extra costs. Any help?

We can stock these items and have them readily available at our soonest convenience, finding the right bag for you is key to our customer service.

-Why was part of my order shipped separately?

In special circumstances, the product may need to be packaged and sent individually to prevent any damage in transit and to ensure it maintains its quality during delivery.


-How do I contact you?

You can contact us through contact@ukcrafthouse.com.



-How do I return a product?

It will need to be delivered by post (the customer pays for delivery). In addition, please see the returns policy to find out if it is eligible for return.

-My product had an issue, how do I resolve this?

Please contact us by e-mail of your circumstances and we will resolve this on a case by case basis.